Apps4.Pro Planner

Extends Microsoft Planner to Next Level.

Apps4.Pro Planner is the leading #1 software provider in providing outlook integration, reporting and management solutions for Microsoft Planner. We have addressed almost all the major features users have requested in Microsoft Planner. With Apps4.Pro Planner, you can get the power of Microsoft Project Online in Microsoft Planner.


Outlook Desktop Add-in

This component is available as Outlook add-in to download and install. After installation, you can use the below features from Outlook Desktop.
  • Integrate Planner tasks with Outlook Tasks
  • Create new planner tasks
  • Integrate Planner Tasks with Outlook Calendar
  • Convert Email to Planner Task

Outlook Web Add-in

Use this component In two ways. Active it from Office Store for email integration or access it from web. Below are the features list available with this component.
  • Convent email to Planner / SharePoint / Outlook tasks
  • Create new Planner / SharePoint / Outlook tasks
  • All in One - View Microsoft Planner, SharePoint and Outlook tasks in an integrated view.

Planner Manager

This component is available as desktop app which includes the following features.
  • Planner Reports / Interactive Dashboards
  • View Tasks Assigned to an User Across All Plans
  • Export/Import Tasks from Excel
  • Edit Multiple Tasks at Once
  • Planner Task Field Customization

Planner Gantt

This component is available as Chrome Extension and can be used to
  • Create / Edit planner tasks from Gantt
  • Set task dependencies
  • Set Actual Start and End date for tasks and compare it with baseline dates
  • Create Subtasks

Planner Migrator

This component is available as Chrome Extension. Migrate Trello boards and cards easily to Planner
  • Import Trello boards and cards to new plan in new group / new plan in existing group / existing plan
  • Mark archived Trello cards as completed and move them to specific bucket (i.e. Closed bucket)
  • Map Trello board members with Planner plan members
  • Map Trello Labels with Planner Labels
  • Exclude/include archived Trello cards